Recom Software
(PC Service Tool)

Recom is a software program developed by Remeha B.V. It offers the possibility to communicate directly to Remeha boilers/appliances. The software shows temperatures, fan speed and the status of on/off components like pump and gas-air unit in a clear overview. In Recom , all parameters of the safety unit of the boiler are shown in one overview. Of course you can save settings on a hard drive, so you can always reset to default settings or use a certain setting for multiple boilers in a project.

In some cases it is necessary to monitor an installation for a longer period of time. Recom software can log and store all boiler data for a period of time. It is easy to retrieve information from log files afterwards, so potential root causes can be found.

Benefits Recom software

To use Recom software your PC/laptop needs to meet the following system requirements:


All Remeha boilers and heat pumps support the Smart Service Tool, the serial interface or both.

Aquanta  Remeha USB interface
Soar Remeha USB interface
Hot Remeha USB interface
Hot Ace Smart service tool
Ecogen Remeha USB interface or eVita interface
avoid eVita interface
GAS 210 Eco Mini GMI interface
GAS 210 Eco Pro Remeha USB interface
GAS 310 Eco Mini GMI interface
GAS 310 Eco Pro Remeha USB interface
GAS 610 Eco Mini GMI interface
GAS 610 Eco Pro Remeha USB interface
Fifth series Mini GMI interface
Fifth pro series Remeha USB interface
Ace Farm Smart service tool
Gas 220 Ace Smart service tool
Select (Plus) Mini GMI interface
Tzerra (More) Remeha USB interface
Tzerra Ace Smart service tool
W21 / 28 Mini GMI interface
W40 / 60 Mini GMI interface
Mercuria Smart service tool
Neptune Smart service tool
Eria tower Smart service tool
Elga Ace Smart service tool